Best Oat Milk Australia – The Ultimate List Compared8 min read

Are you on the hunt for the perfect oat milk? At the time of writing, I have my go-to favorite, but I’m always eager to explore and taste new offerings. To get a broader perspective, I reached out to the Australian vegan community for their top picks, and the list below is the culmination of their recommendations.

What’s the secret to outstanding oat milk? For me, it’s all about that smooth, creamy texture without being overly sweet. It needs to be a jack-of-all-trades, excelling in coffees, enhancing smoothies, and even blending seamlessly into savory dishes like soups.

To help you navigate the sea of options, I’ve put together a comprehensive table detailing each product. You’ll find information on cost, nutritional content, health star ratings where available, and even the percentage of oats each milk contains—because, let’s face it, the more oats, the merrier for some of us.

The surge in vegan product innovation is truly heartwarming. It’s exhilarating to witness so many brands contributing to this change. So, dive in, and perhaps you’ll discover your new favorite oat milk among these gems. Remember, taste is subjective, and the best choice varies from person to person. Here’s to making a difference with every sip!

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Oat Milk (Alphabetical Order)Price (1L)Ideal ForHealth Star% Of OatsProtein (Per 100ml)B12CalciumVitamin DVitamin CFats, totalCarbohydrates, total
Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend$3.59Making Coffee10 %0.7 g104 mg3 g5.7 g
Chobani Oat Milk Barista Edition$4.00Making Coffee0.9 g120 mgYES4 g6.3 g
Milk Lab Oat$4.00Making Coffee10%0.6 gN/A2.7 g7 g
Minor Figures Oat Milk$3.50General use or Coffee10%0.2 g120 mg2.1 g9.5 g
Oatly Barista$4.80Coffee10%1.25 gYES146 mgYESYES2.9 g6.6 g
Pureharvest Organic Oat$2.80General use, coffee, cereal, cooking15%1.4 g120 mg1.3 g7.7 g
So Good Oat No Added Sugar$3.50General use, cereal, smoothies, in cooking, coffee.4/59%0.8 gYES120 mgYESYES1.5 g6.4 g
The Alternative Dairy Co Barista Oat Milk$3.20 (12 Pack)Coffee9%0.8 g120 mg3.0g6.1 g
Uncle Tobys Barista Style Oat Milk$4.50Coffee4/510%1 gYES120 mgYES2.8 g9.5 g
Vitasoy Oat Milky$2.00General use4/58%0.5 g120 mgYES2 g5.2 g
Vitasoy Oat Protein + Unsweetened$3.00General use5/58%4 g120 mgYES1.3 g5.8 g

Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend

Served in over 2000 cafes across Australia, The Oat Barista Blend from Califia Farms is a great option if you are looking for an oat milk to make frothy and foamy coffees at home. With a rich creaminess and subtle sweetness, it was a rather popular option amongst vegans surveyed.

Chobani Oat Milk Barista Edition

Chobani Oat Milk Plain Barista Edition makes the list as a rather popular option that tastes rich and has a creamy texture also made with organic oats. A great oat milk choice for your morning coffee. Designed to froth, foam and behave like real milk for the perfect plant based coffee every time.

Milk Lab Oat

Milk Lab Oat Milk is another plant based milk option for coffee. This barista milk is designed to texture and stretch with high performance to produce the perfect pour. Made with 100% Australian oats which are grown across South-Eastern Australia and Western Australia. They also have an emphasis on environmentally friend product production. Contributing to less land use, water inputs and carbon emissions compared to some other milk products.

Minor Figures Oat Milk

Minor Figures is another one of those plant-based milk brands that also care for the environment also. Ideal for coffee and getting that nice foamy finish. Adding natural sweetness, density, balance, and silky micro-foam when steamed. With this product you can have the confidence of no net impact on the environment! They even tell you that this product produces 0.41kg of CO2e but as a carbon-neutral company, they offset that for you.

Oatly Barista

One of the oat milks in the list that has more nutrient qualities with Vitamin A, D & B12. And slightly higher protein levels than some of the other milks. Again another oat milk that is ideal for the baristas out there. It isn’t overly sweet or excessively heavy. What it is is fully foamable, putting you in total control over the density and performance. This is their premium product and they also have other oat milk options that might be cheaper. But many vegans say this is one of their favourite oat milks.

Pureharvest Organic Oat

The OG oat milk? First introduced in Australia back in 1995. They have been making creamy, nutritious oat milk using whole organic oats with no unnecessary additives. That means no oat flour, no gums, no emulsifiers & no preservatives; just simple, organic ingredients, produced right here in Australia. Made from only 5 natural ingredients. This milk can be great to have in the kitchen for all your milk needs, works well with coffee, cereal and in cooking.

So Good Oat No Added Sugar

So Good Oat is another good oat milk product as a great source of vitamins B2, B12 and D. Made with Australian oats, this milk is versatile and can be used for whatever you can possibility think of to use milk for.  Its creamy taste and natural sweetness make it the perfect addition to your favourite cereal or smoothie. It can also be used in hot drinks and cooking. Or you can just drink it cold in a glass.

The Alternative Dairy Co Barista Oat Milk

Used in cafes all over this is a popular choice for those looking for that close to dairy milk without the suffering. And it is The Alternative Dairy Co’s most sustainable member of their milk family. Made from at least 98% Australian ingredients.

Uncle Tobys Barista Style Oat Milk

Made specifically for coffee, Uncle Tobys have taken their 125 years of experience with oats to being us their take on oat milk. Ideal for frothing and getting the dairy consistency for your coffees at home. It contains 1/3 of your daily calcium, and vitamins D, B12 and B2 to help support your daily nutritional needs.

Vitasoy Oat Milky

If you are having trouble finding a oat milk that is ‘milkier’ in texture, flavour and mouthfeel. Made from 100% Australian grown Oats and an oat milk option that is lower in sugar.

Vitasoy Oat Protein + Unsweetened

This has to be my personal favourite oat milk at the moment. Anyone else? Has a really milky taste and mouthfeel. Works so well in smoothies and even coffee. It has been developed to deliver 10g of protein per serve. Incorporating complete plant-based protein into your diet has never been simpler, with the help of pea protein.